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Virang Bhatt

Virang Bhatt

When it comes to qualified, verified content and strategical implementation of the news or content, he comes in one of the rare first list in India.

Traction of more than 60 million readers per month happens only when the consistency of the quality is delivered to the masses. Co-founder of Khabarchhe.com is not just about content but is also a big reader of the mind of the citizens at large; as being psychology professor plays a major role here.

Beyond his successful venture of Khabarchhe.com; he has served in major media verticals like Bennett Coleman, DNA, DB Corp (Bhaskar Group), Abhiyan, Sandesh TV; that carries various language desk portfolio.

His huge experience of 22 years in journalism is playing a major role in Rajkaran.com to strategically put across the citizen with one goal that every citizen must be part of the politics not by being active but at least through the medium of technology. This effort of Mr. Virang will surely make one and all be part of the Rajkaran system; not complaining henceforth about short coming but broader aspect of giving back to society by one and all.