Allahabad HC judge writes to PM Modi alleges ‘nepotism, favouritism and casteism’ in appointment of judges


Allahabad High Court judge Rang Nath Pandey has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging “nepotism, favouritism and casteism” in the appointment of judges in higher courts. “In the last 34 years of my service as a judicial officer, I have seen people with no or poor knowledge of the law being appointed as judges,” he wrote in Hindi, days before his retirement on Thursday.

The letter dated July 1 points out mistakes in the collegium system of appointment of judges. “The appointment of judges takes place behind closed doors and over cups of tea… and favouritism is the only relevant factor for appointments.”

He further wrote, “The whole process is secret and the names of judges are only disclosed after their appointments… who gets appointed on what basis is kept under wraps and this process of appointments is very unfortunate.’’