Election Results

Election Results

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The Lok Sabha election 2019 was started on April 11, and now Lok Sabha election has come to its final phase. Election Commission scheduled Lok Sabha election in seven phases, and till now six phases of Lok Sabha election have been completed. On May 19 the seventh and final phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019 news will take place and on May 23 the final result on 543 seats of Lok Sabha elections results will be announced. In the last phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019, 59 Lok Sabha constituencies spread across eight states will vote.

In 2019 Lok Sabha elections all the political parties tried their best to lure the voters, and for this many freebies, liquor, drugs, and cash were distributed. However, EC confiscated a large amount of cash, liquor, and drugs so that the Lok Sabha election can take place fairly. Opposition parties in this Lok Sabha election are targeting PM Modi over promises which he made in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. According to opposition’s parties, no promises have been fulfilled by PM and he asking votes in the name of the army.

Recently Rahul Gandhi slammed PM Modi and BJP for asking votes in the names of slain soldiers in Lok Sabha election. In Every phase of Lok Sabha election, politicians gave controversial speeches, but PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s speeches were the highlights in Lok Sabha election, however, some of their comments sparked a row and it became a debatable topic among people and political parties.