Chandrayaan-2 mission gets new date, launch to take place on July 22


    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Thursday has revealed the new launch date for the lunar mission Chandrayaan-2, July 22. The news comes after the space agency rectified the ‘minor’ technical snag in Cryogenic Upper Stage of GSLV-MkIII, which had forced authorities to call off Chandrayaan-2 mission this Monday.

    Chandrayaan-2 mission is led by two women scientists Muthayya Vanitha, who is the Project Director and Ritu Karidhal, Mission Director.

    Chandrayaan-2 carries a total of 14 payloads — 13 from India and one passive payload from NASA — with special focus on mapping craters in the polar region, besides checking for water again. What Chandrayaan-2 mission aims to achieve, a touchdown near Moon’s south pole has been managed by only one other mission, China’s Chang’e-4 spacecraft.