CM Ashok Gehlot blames Sachin Pilot for his son’s Lok Sabha poll defeat


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot targeted Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and said he should take the responsibility of his son Vaibhav Gehlot’s bitter defeat from the Jodhpur constituency in the recently-held Lok Sabha elections. Gehlot argued that when the party registers a victory, everybody wants to take the credit for it and similarly, a defeat should also be a collective responsibility.

Ever since the Lok Sabha elections got over, the blame game has been started. According to rumours it was Sachin pilot who is also the state Congress committee chief, had recommended Vaibhav Gehlot’s contention from the Jodhpur seat, which used to be a bastion of Ashok Gehlot.

When the Rajasthan Chief Minister was asked by ABP News whether there was any truth to the rumour, he said, “It’s a good thing if he [Pilot] says so. This dispels media reports about differences between the two of us.”

Gehlot went on to say, “Pilot also said that we will win Jodhpur with a big margin, because we have six MLAs in the Lok Sabha constituency and our poll campaign was so fabulous. So, I feel he should own responsibility for that seat at least. There should be a complete post-mortem of the results in Jodhpur seat to find out why we did not win it.”

“He said that we were winning [from Jodhpur] and that he got the party ticket [for Vaibhav]. But we lost all 25 seats. If someone says that the CM or the PCC chief should take responsibility for it, I believe it’s a collective responsibility,” he added.