COVID-19: An International Challenge.


Since last few weeks, everyone came across a scary word called Corona Virus. China, Italy, France, UK, USA, India and many other countries are worried about socio-economy of middle to lower middle class family. Countries like India has to see what is coming in their plate as we write this article. Social distance is what the answer and not medical as of now. Natural death of the virus is the hope and not any strategical plan as its very new to everyone. Approximate 8 billion usd is required immediately to find some immediate remedy according to Visual Capitalist Data Survey mentioned to . Still every country is confused and the virus has started taking the tool of the humans and the economy too. International trades are on hold, local businesses are down to nil, jobs are on hold and everyone is scared for survival of the human kind. India is still coming out of large NPA of corporate and banking frauds. China still struggling to revive back and Italy is looking for some god gifted mercy for sake of their citizens. USA is working equal hard with WHO and world scientist to make sure the remedy to the virus is found and killed immediately before it turns the situation to world war III. Covad-19 has already taken more than a trillion dollar from the world pocket in just about a month time. Widespread lockdowns in almost all affected countries including China, India, USA, Italy, France, UK could weaken the global economy disastrously.

Chart: OECD GDP forecasts 200311Courtesy: CNBC.

Impact in Manufacturing Units Across Major Economy

Chart: Virus impact manufacturing 200311

Service Activity In Major Economy.

Chart: Virus impact services 200311

Slump in Oil Prices.

Chart: Brent/WTI futures 200311

Virus Effect To Stock Market

Chart: Virus impact stocks 200311