Curfew In Maharashtra


Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shree Uddhav Thackeray decided to impose curfew in his state. Citizens should see these steps as preventive measures by the citizens, said Mr Thackeray.

He appealed to citizens to be safe by staying at home in the wake of the pandemic covid-19 outbreak.

In view of this, Thackeray said, “People should take this war against COVID-19 seriously. Section 144 of CrPC is invoked so that essential services continue to operate while rest of the services are suspended till March 31. People should not violate rules by crowding the streets.”

The notification clearly laid down the ramifications of a statewide curfew-
1. All state borders shall be sealed other than for movement of essential commodities.

2. All public transport services including inter-city MSRTC buses and Metro will not be permitted. Taxis with not more than two persons besides driver, auto-rickshaws with not more than one passenger besides driver are permitted only for the purposes specified in the order. However, transport of passengers for accessing emergency medical services shall be permitted.

3. Operation of all inter-state bus and private vehicles shall stand suspended.

4. Every person who is required to observe home quarantine shall strictly observe the same failing which he/she may be liable for penal actions

5. Residents shall stay at home and come out only for permitted activities while strictly observing social distancing.

6. Any congregation of more than 5 persons in public places is prohibited.

7. All shops including commercial establishment, offices, factories, workshops shall close their operations. However, production and manufacturing units which require continuous process and pharmaceuticals will be permitted.

8. Govt offices, shops and establishments are permitted to operate during this period with barest minimum staff and shall take steps to ensure social distancing.

9. The following establishments providing essential goods and services shall be excluded from above restrictions:
a) Bank/ATMs, insurance, FinTech and related services
b) Print and electronic media
c) IT and ITeS, including telecom, postal, internet and data services
d) Supply chain and transport of essential services
e) E-commerce delivery of essential goods like food and medical equipment
f) Sale of food items, groceries, milk, bread, fruits, vegetable, egg, meat
g) Hospital, pharmacies and optical stores
h) Petrol pumps, LPG gas, oil agencies

10. The dept/offices of State govt and its PSU providing services shall be functional only to the extent of providing essential services.

Earlier in the day, Punjab became the first state to take the severe step (imposition of curfew) to control the transmission of novel coronavirus. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announced the curfew as people were defying the lockdown imposed in the state, officials said.

All district borders will be sealed in Maharashtra in the wake of the rapid spread of novel coronavirus, added Thackeray.