The film was originally scheduled to hit the theatres on April 5 but due to certain hurdles by “powerful people”, the release got delayed to April 11, the same day first phase of Lok Sabha elections starts. Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who is portraying Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his controversial biopic, has reacted sharply after the film’s release got postponed to April 11. Hours after the censor board made room for Modi’s biopic, the Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday evening prohibited the film’s discharge amid the survey time frame, saying it could  “disturb level playing field during elections”.

The EC request came just a day before the biopic was set to release on April 11 – the day the seven-staged Lok Sabha decisions start.

Be that as it may, the makers had safeguarded the film saying it had no connections to the BJP and that they had “put in their own cash for the creation” of the film.

Already, Congress pioneer Kapil Sibal had called the biopic politically “persuaded” and ailing in “creative endeavor”. “The motivation behind this film is just political – to get some additional mileage in the decisions,” he said.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court had rejected a request recorded by a Congress extremist looking for a stay on the film’s discharge, saying the Entertainment Center would be a “suitable” spot for the readdress.

The application will not be entertained for the biopic’s release until the Lok Sabha election finishes.