Election Commission: Re-poll in 168 booths in West Tripura

Election Commission: Re-poll in 168 booths in West Tripura

The Election Commission has declared a re-poll in 168 polling booths in West Tripura for Lok Sabha constituencies.

The opposition filed a petition for re-poll after facing a challenging situation on April 11th, the first phase of the election. Opposition appealed because of unfair circumstances of massive rigging, booth capturing and irregularity at various polling booths in the first phase of Lok Sabha election. The Congress and CPI accused BJP of reducing the election into a charade and demanded a re-poll in the whole constituency which has approximately 1700 polling booths.

The Election Commission has rejected the petition by the opposition demanding fresh and new election for the whole constituency in Tripura. However, after reviewing a series of incidents that violated the law and created a hostile situation in particular booths in West Tripura. EC was convinced that fair voting procedure might have compromised by discreet activities in West Tripura constituencies.

Re-poll in West Tripura will take place on May 12th in 168 polling booths.