India is lockdown for 21 days.


PM Shree Narendrabhai Modi has declared lockdown of the nation due to increasing threat of COVID-19 spread. This is the 2nd time he has addressed the nation for the reason of threat on human kind.

Corona virus has been active now across 190+ countries worldwide and is equally very dangerous if the social distance is not measured for self death of the virus. As world fight for the remedy to come out of this drastic time, many labs are preparing test kits and many clinical trials going on to find the medicine to cure the virus. WHO has already warned the world about the pandemic and its disastrous effect if human kind do not take care of the precautions.

Numbers of the death and cases are rising many folds day in – day out. New study says the virus can be active in the air for almost 8 hours and so is becoming most concern for the human beings to look into social distance and come out of this pandemic.

He has advised the countrymen not to take medicines of such symptoms on their own but consult the doctor.

India is populated as 2nd largest in the world with more than 1.3 billion humans in the country. Economical and medical facilities are not at par that any huge pandemic natural attack can be sustained and possible can become the most disastrous history of the future if individual do not take care of the same.

We all urge you to be very careful and stay tight for sake of human kind.

Admin – Rajkaran.