Lok Sabha passes ‘triple talaq bill’ even after opposition protest


Lok Sabha on Thursday gave its nod to a bill which seeks to penalise the practice of instant triple talaq by a voice vote. Several amendments moved by the Opposition were defeated. The clause in the bill which criminalises the practice with a jail term of upto three years for the husband was passed by a division of 302 in favour and 78 against.

Earlier today Union Minister Ravi Prasad Shankar said that the legislation was a must for gender equality and justice as women are being divorced by ‘talaq-e-biddat’ despite an August 2017 Supreme Court verdict striking down the practice of instant triple talaq. He said, since January 2017, 574 such cases have been reported by the media.

Ravi Shankar appealed in the parliament not to give this issue a political colour. “Don’t look at this issue through political lenses. This is an issue of justice and humanity… an issue of women rights and empowerment… we can’t abandon our Muslim sisters.”

Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “Irrespective of religion, all women are equal in the eyes of law. Why should Muslim women be left to fend for themselves? So many countries are bringing a law against Triple Talaq, then why can’t a secular country like India do it?”