Madhya Pradesh – Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan Back To Power Chair.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Mr Chouhan is back to business of power in MP as unexpected move by Mr Scindia few weeks back. 20 days long political huss-fuss between BJP and Congress came to an end after Kamal Nath resigned on March 20.

During entire episode of power race, Mr Scindia was the front face and reason of the turmoil after he shake hands with BJP; which was expected due in political cloud.

Kamal Nath was in power chair of CM for almost 15 months and tried to focus on almost every sector of the portfolios and see the progressive path for each one.

BJP next future in MP will decide purely on the deliverable of the mandate they have.

We shall wait to see POLITICAL MAHOL right after COVID-19 shallows down.