Maharashtra: Muslims in Kolhapur to cut expenditure on Bakri Eid, will donate money to flood victims


As Muslim brethren across the country have begun preparation for Eid ul-Adha aka Bakri Eid that will be celebrated on August 12, in Kolhapur however, devout Muslims have decided to cut the expenditure and donate the money they had kept aside for the festivities for the flood victims.

A devout Muslim from Kolhapur said, β€œthe problems of victims will increase after the flood is over as they have to deal with many issues like, damaged homes will have to be rebuilt, unemployment and poverty will increase. Therefore, the Muslim community of Karvir city of Rajashri Shahu Maharaj has unanimously taken a historic decision to avoid expenditure on animals on Bakri Eid and instead use the money for helping people affected with drought.”

This generosity of Muslim people has gained appreciation from all level and they have also appealed others to come forward and help flood victims.

Meanwhile, due to the constant rains, the floods of Sangli and Kolhapur districts have completely devastated the lives of people. Therefore, the decision taken by the Muslim community will provide financial support to these citizens.

Inputs from Maharashtra Desha