MNS chief Raj Thackeray takes a dig at PM says UN resolution call for all war in monsoon


Mumbai: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) president Raj Thackeray took a sarcastic dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cloud theory in Balakot surgical air strike. He remarked that recently, the United Nations (UN) has passed a resolution that all the warring countries should go to war in monsoon season only. The cloud cover will make detection difficult. This latest technology has been credited to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr Thackeray was addresses party workers meeting in Thane city in Maharashtra on Monday. “The country has become a laughing stock internationally. Is the country a matter of joke?”, remarked Mr Thackeray.

Continuing his tirade against Mr Modi, Mr Thackeray wanted to know how may assurances the Prime Minister made in 2014 were fulfilled. Thackeray wanted to know what happened to the schemes that he had announced and why was Mr Modi silent on this?

“Our country is being mocked at in the international arena because of Mr Modi,” he said further. He targeted Amit Shah as well. While pointing out that Amit Shah had shown the educational certificates, he said the country wants a mature Prime Minister, and not a literate one. “Even those who had brought down the twin towers, were educated. We didn’t ask for our Prime Minister’s educational qualifications. We want him to be mature. If he is educated, well and good. Our Bahinabai Chaudhary (Marathi poetess) was not literate, but she was mature,” he said.

He also slammed Modi saying that the PM need not hand out certificates of patriotism to people.

When asked about the controversy over the term ‘Hindu terror’ in the country at present, he said there is no religion to terrorism. “There is no ‘Hindu terrorism’ or ‘Muslim terrorism’. There is terrorism. And wherever it exists, it needs to be crushed,” he said.