Mud sling by Congress MLA: social media war breaks out between Sena & Rane family


Mumbai: After the mud-throwing incident at Kankavli, a social media war has broken out between the Shiv Sena and the Rane family. Yuva Sena on Monday took a dig at Congress legislator Nitesh Rane, taunting him over the incident.

Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray had participated in the beach cleaning drive at Versova on Sunday. The organisation posted these pictures on its social media account with the caption, “Chikhal Ithehi Aahe.. Chikhal Tithehi Hota.. Pan To Gajaaad Ahe.. Ha Manaaad..” (Mud can be seen here.. Mud can be seen there too.. But one is in the jail.. While the other is in the minds of people..”

The caption was an apparent reference to Nitesh, who has been sent to police custody till July 9 for the mud-throwing incident. He was arrested on Thursday after he poured mud on National Highway Authority of India deputy engineer Prakash Shedekar while protesting against potholes and slush on the congested Mumbai-Goa highway.

Former Member of Parliament Nilesh Rane had also slammed the state government for taking action against his brother Nitesh for mud-throwing incident. Nitesh was arrested after protesting against the poor state of roads, but no action was taken against the Shiv Sena minister, who is claiming crabs caused the breach of a Tiware dam, he said.