No 5-star treatment, ready to sleep on the road: HD Kumaraswamy during his village stay


Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has started his village tour ”Grama Vastavya 2.0” from Gurmitkal in Yadgir district on Friday. CM rubbished all the reports that he is getting a “5-star treatment” in a village stating that he was ready to sleep on the road.

“What 5-star arrangements? Ready to sleep on the road. Want to ask the Opposition if I cannot have this basic facility, how will I work every day? A small bathroom was built. I will not be taking it back with me,” HD Kumaraswamy said during a press conference here in Chandraki village.

Earlier reports claimed that prior to his visit all the renovation work was done and he was given luxurious facility at the village.

On being asked about it, HD Kumaraswamy said: “It will help kids here. I came here on an ordinary bus. I did not come in a Volvo bus. I do not need to learn anything from BJP. I have slept in a hut as well as in a 5-star hotel. When my father was Prime Minister, I slept in Grand Kremlin Palace, Russia. I have seen everything in life.”

The Chief Minister also said that gimmicks were for the Opposition and that for him working on the ground was important. “Some of my friends are asking why I am holding the ”village stay programme”, they can sit in Vidhan Soudha and work. I would like to say that gimmicks are for the Opposition, not for me,” he said.