Rahul Gandhi slams PM Narendra Modi for lying, Smruti Irani retaliates


Rahul Gandhi, President of Indian National Congress has accused Narendra Modi of lying in his recent tweet. He said in this tweet that I laid the foundation of the ordinance factory in Amethi in 2010. Many arms are being manufactured there since years. Yesterday you visited Amethi and as per your habit your lied there. Aren’t you ashamed?
This tweet by Rahul Gandhi wasn’t taken well by Smriti Irani and she replied to him in her tweet. She tweeted that you are so scared that you are not even visiting Amethi to see the new development of inauguration of JV in Korva. Russia and India signed a treaty to produce AK 203 riffles here.
In another tweet pointing Rahul Gandhi she wrote, “Let the country know today that you have also laid the foundation of another organization which already has been laid by one of your leaders two decades ago.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ordinance factory in Amethi o Sunday. This factory will produce 7.5 lakh AK 203 riffles which will replace old riffles.
Addressing Amethi Narendra Modi said that the army in 2005 told BJP about their requirement of latest arms and ammunitions. Keeping that in mind this production has been started in ordinance factory. Pointing towards Rahul Gandhi he said that he laid the foundation of the factory in 2010 saying it will start producing in 2010.
He also said that not only riffles, but it was also to produce bullet proof jackets but due to Rahul Gandhi’s promise we had to wait so much. It is our government who signed up with Russia to produce such arms and ammunitions to be manufactured in India.