Rahul Gandhi to stay Congress chief for 3 to 4 months, till an alternative is found: Reports

rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi to stay Congress chief for 3 to 4 months more, according to India Today sources.  As per the report from India Today website, till the time alternative is not found he will remain the Congress chief.

Rahul Gandhi has been authorized to make structural changes and reign the organisation for strengthening the party.

However, he remains adamant on his decision to quit. According to India Today sources, Rahul Gandhi’s decision to quit the post of Congress president remains ‘non-negotiable’.

The gravity of the decision can be fathomed from the fact that when the Congress Working Committee passed the resolution entrusting Rahul Gandhi with the responsibility of making radical changes and did not give in to his wish to resign as party president Rahul Gandhi allegedly said in the CWC meeting “I am being bullied…”