Rebuilding North Korea’s rocket site would upset Donald Trump


When asked if North Korea was breaking a promise, US President Donald Trump said if that happens, he would be very disappointed.
There have been reports about North Korea rebuilding a rocket launch site. Donald Trump said if it was true , he would be very disappointed. Two US think tanks revealed on Tuesday that work was underway to restore part of North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station.
He was asked if North Korea was breaking a promise, Trump said, Well, we’re going to see. It’s too early to see. … It’s a very early report. We’re the ones that put it out. But I would be very, very disappointed in Chairman Kim, and I don’t think I will be, but we’ll see what happens. We’ll take a look. It’ll ultimately get solved.”
North Korea was to dismantle a missile engine test after meeting Trump in a summit last year. There was a second summit between Kim and Trump last week in Hanoi to ascertain how much North Korea was willing to limit its nuclear programme. How much would the US sanction it was also discussed.
Trump said that relations between the two countries are good but there are a few problems that need to be solved.
Satellite images show that structures of Sohae launch pad had been rebuilt between Feb 16 and March 2. Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report showing the images received from the satellite that North Korea is rebuilding it with a great pace. A source from US government also says that the work on Sohae Project had begun even before the summit.
US warns
John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser warned North Korea that US will have to issue new sanctions if they did not scrap their nuclear weapons programme. Questions have been raised after the dialogue of summit whether this would pose as a major threat to US.
Experts say that the intention of North Korea’s Sohae project is to give threat to Washington more than building a rocket launching pad to resume tests there.
US senator said, “North Korea’s apparent work at this launch site raises the troubling possibility that yet again Kim Jong Un is more interested in garnering concessions than conducting serious, good faith efforts to denuclearize,”
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he would soon send a delegation to North Korea to have talks but he said he cannot commit anything.
Kim and trump had decided to continue talks but Choe Son Hue foreign minister of North Korea said Kim might not pursue the deal. Whereas White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said they would continue to have conversations but did not say anything more.
Stephen Beigun, US special representative for North korea is going to meet counterparts from South Korea and Japan in Washington to discuss the issue.