Supreme court to rule mediation regarding Ayodhya case on March 8


Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi is leading a five judge constitution bench will today pronounce whether the Ayodhya case should be sent for mediation.
They have pushed for negotiated compromise so that it heals both the religions. The case has inflicted a wound affecting the sentiments of both the Hindus and the Muslims.
Justice SA Bobde who is one of the panelist of the bench has said that it is only concerned with the case of Ramjanmabhoomi and Babri Masjit and it will not take into account the invasion by Babur. He said, “primarily this is not about the 1500 sq ft of disputed land, but about religious sentiments. We know its impact on public sentiments, on body politics. We are looking at minds, hearts and healing if possible.
The Muslim parties have agreed for a mediation but the Hindus are still reluctant towards it as they feel they cannot compromise Ramjanmabhoomi. They also suggested that the court should publish a public on whether or not the matter should be sent for mediation. Senior Advocate Ram CS Vaidyanathan for Ram Lalla has said, “ The faith that Lord Ram is born there is non negotiable. But we are willing to crowdfund a mosque somewhere else.”
Court has asked both the parties to suggest names of mediators if the case has been sent for mediation. Considering the sensitivity of the issue, the court has also suggested if mediation happens it would happen confidentially without declaring any details about it.
The bench would have several mediators if the mediation occurs. The mediation would be carried out for eight long weeks. During this time frame the Muslim parties are allowed to examine the accuracy and relevance of UP government’s official translation of numerous pages of oral deposition in Ayodhya case which is pending since 2010.
Justice Gogoi has said that he hopes that the mediation would bring a peaceful end to the much sensitive case which has fumed tensions for decades between Hindus and the Muslims.