Vladimir Putin celebrates Women’s Day


Russia gets a public holiday for International Women’s Day on March 8. Women are showered with flowers and gifts.
Russian President Vlamidir Putin rode a brown flanked horse along with female police officers to celebrate International Women’s Day.
Putin is known for his image as an adventurous head of the state. In past, he has been seen riding a horse bare-chested in Siberia, diving underwater and playing Judo his favorite sport.
Along with the other female officers, he rode the horse wearing jeans and a jacket with fur collar. Putin rode a brown flanked horse while the female horses rode white horses in Moscow. Putin gave the officers a horse named Golden Ray.
Last year during Women’s day event Putin had said that a heart of a woman is most loyal and her forgiveness is most precious.
In Russia Women’s Day is celebrated by giving flowers and gifts to women rather than promoting equal rights.