Women lead the patriotic fightback, take on Pakistani’s worldwide anti-India propaganda


Mumbai: Ever since Pakistan and its proxies have launched their anti-India campaign across world capitals and on social media platforms, more than the men folk, it is the Indian women who seem to be leading the counter-attack on Pakistani’s. Be it Shazia Ilmi in Seoul, South Korea, or Poonam Joshi in London, UK, Shakti Munshi at the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) in Geneva, Switzerland or Priyanka Chopra more recently again in New York, it is the Indian women who seem to be leading the charge. It has raised quite a serious question mark on the men folk who lead organisations like Friends of India International, BJP Overseas.

The most notable and exemplary courage in taking on the hostile Pakistani crowds chanting anti-India slogans was shown by Poonam Joshi in London on Indias Independence Day celebrations at the Indian High Commission. More than thousand strong Pakistani and Khalistani supporters had marched on to the Indian High Commission raising anti-India slogans. So hostile was the Pakistani crowd that they began bullying, throwing water bottles at the Indian crowd. Some sneaked into the Indian side and snatched away Indian tricolor and tried to mutilate it.

The Pakistani crowd even dared the Indians to come and stop them. Poonam Joshi, a journalist who was covering the Independence Day celebrations at the Indian High Commission for ANI, broke into the enemy ranks, snatched the mutilated Indian tricolor and brought it back to the Indian side.

She later in a series of tweets remarked “hundreds of Pakistanis snatched our flag & it took a Indian woman 2 bring it back. I couldn’t withstand what was happening and (it) really hurt my pride. Was there for ANI, but desh ki duty, pehli duty”.

But the most audacious act was that of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), national spokeperson Shazia Ilmi who with just two of her friends took on a 300 strong hostile Pakistani crowd at Seoul in South Korea on Independence Day. Just as she was passing by in a taxi, she noticed a crowd of Pakistanis raising anti-India, anti-Modi slogans “haq hai humara Azadi” (freedom is our right) and “hum le ke rahenge Azadi” (we will take freedom).

Shazia Ilmi and her two friends got down from their taxi and marched towards thee crowd warning them not to abuse the Indian Prime Minister. The crowd then started calling them “terrorists”. She then matched counter slogan to Pakistanis slogans with “India Zindabad” slogans, before being taken away to safety by the Seoul police. She later reacted by saying “it is important to protest if insulted as an Indian”.

Narrating her own similar experience while at the UNHRC headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland vice president of Mumbai branch of Jammu and Kashmir Study Circle (JKSC), Shakti Munshi disclosed that the aggressive Pakistani moderators at one of the debates on human rights simply refused to allow her to speak, though it was an open forum for all. “They simply tried to prevent me from speaking. They refused to acknowledge that I was a Kashmiri woman. They argued that I was an Indian woman and hence could not speak. They were so agitated that they could not anticipate that a Indian woman could back answer them”.

She added that the Pakistani’s are not used to being confronted by a Indian woman. “Back in Pakistan they always give secondary treatment to their women. They are always made to be two-step back behind the Pakistani men. The incidents have shown to the Pakistanis and to the world that a Indian woman just like she is caring for her children, given the opportunity she can be as protective for her subjects just like Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi was. These incidents have shown that the Indian woman can be as patriotic as the Indian men folk”, remarked Munshi.

Recently former 2000 Miss World, UN Goodwill Ambassador and actor Priyanka Chopra took on a Pakistani girl heckling at her at a beauty contest in New York. The Pakistani girl was objecting to her tweet :Jai Hind” on Indias Balakot airstrike on February 26 earlier this year. Chopra simply remarked “I am patriotic”. She then went on to add “war is not something I’m really fond of, but I am patriotic…The way that you came at me right now, girl don’t yell..”

It may be recalled that late former Minister for External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj in one of her addresses at the UN General Assembly had single handedly demolished Pakistan. She had argued that while India had IITs and IIMs, while India produced more doctors and engineers, what Pakistan could produce in all these years was just “terrorists”.